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Create call-to-actions that sync with Act-On

Capture contacts directly from your Uberflip Hub, creating a form in Act-On and sending the info directly to a Act-On smartlist.  

Gain insight into how people engage with your content

Track exactly how people engage with your content, including how many posts they've read, videos they’ve watched and which CTAs perform best.

Trigger lead nurturing campaigns

Automatically trigger a lead nurturing campaign based on the CTA that is filled out in your Uberflip Hub, or based on engagement data. 

Change lead scoring based on engagement

Adjust lead scoring based on engagement and trigger notifications to your sales team when a CTA is filled out or a specific piece of content is consumed. 
Uberflip lets you bring all of your content (social, blogs, video and more) together, creating a killer content experience that increases engagement and generates leads.
By connecting your Uberflip and Act-On accounts, you can sync your  contact info and call-to-actions. With the Exclusive plan and up you can also sync content engagement data directly with Act-On for better lead nurturing and scoring. 
The Uberflip / Act-On ntegration is available to all Act-On customers and Uberflip customers. Once you’re set up simply follow the instructions in the Uberflip application. 

Organize and centralize
all of your content in minutes!


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